The Motobike-E Cup of the ADAC Saxony started in July with a test race on the kart track (outdoor) of the Arena E in Mülsen. Last weekend, the second test race took place on the narrower and technically more demanding indoor track of the Arena E. The race was held with e-pitbikes from the Italian manufacturer Thundervolt. The bikes used were E-Pitbikes from the Italian manufacturer Thundervolt. The E-Pitbike has a maximum power of eight kilowatt hours and weighs 85 kilograms.







I was allowed to take part in both test races and put the e-pitbike through its paces. Handling, responsiveness and power delivery are in no way inferior to "normal" pit bikes. Of course, there was also plenty of fun to be had. I'm already looking forward to more training opportunities in the winter months.

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